The System of Doctor Pabst

The party is summoned to investigate strange happening at an insane asylum.

Upon arriving, the party is greeted by peculiar staff and an especially peculiar doctor, Doctor Pabst. He is disheveled, twitchy and speaking with a stutter. He explains that recently admitted patients have a bizarre effect on them where they have no face, just skin, and are writhing in pain in their cells.

The party asks them questions: a nod for yes, a head shake for no, and quickly discover that the patients are actually the orderlies and that those acting as the orderlies are actually the patients. Combat ensues. Some patients are killed but most or subdued.

Scrolls of Dispel Magic are found in a lockbox in the office. When cast on those in the cells returns their faces. There are documents from an interview with "Doctor Pabst" detailing the brutal ritual performed on him.

He was flayed alive for 7 days straight while clerics filled him with healing energy. As each cleric ran out of energy another would be subbed in his place. The party was fortunate not to trigger the ritual's effects on Dr Pabst, as he would have exploded from his skin, a writhing mass of sinew tentacles and protruding bones.

They also discover that a magical device is in place, extracting negative energy.

So, clues so far:

  1. Cyclone contained a gem that extracted negative energy.
  2. 6 lamps, one that depicted a demon and gazing upon the lamp instilled fear into the observer.
  3. Someone has been performing rituals on people and letting them out into the world, again, extracting negative energy
Myconid, or Yours? Pt. I
Underdark Mushroom Samurai Police Bureau Quest

An open write from the Bureau drew a diverse group of adventurers for a search and rescue mission. A representative had been sent to the Underdark to recover the sole written copy of the social laws of a large Myconid colony. The laws were needed to lay the groundwork for Bureau work in the Underdark and calming race relations.
The adventurers took a rail cart down to the depths in Northern Oyul known as the Desecrated Caverns. Staying true to their directions they quickly found the path to the colony, however they were slowed by a dark patch. After quickly lighting the area with her shield, Dawn noticed moving stalactites on the ceiling. Para invoked a minor illusion and found that these stalactites were in fact dark mantles, as one dropped down to engulf the illusory image. DOᗺO, with his sharp mind and love of flames, Fireballed the entire area, spawning the popular children's song "Seven Crispy Corpses", sung by bards across the land:

"Eight Leathery Mantles
on a ceiling in a cave,
did not know that DOᗺO
is as smart as he is brave.

When one blocked his path
he knew exactly what to do,
he aimed his mighty fire,
and he aimed his fire true.

It burst forth as he bellowed,
"No bother me no more!"
Seven Crispy Corpses
and an Eighth upon the floor!"

The force of the eruption brought forth bloodthirsty Troglodytes, burrowing through the caverns of the Underdark mounted on vicious Ankheg. They erupted from the walls surrounding the adventurers, but quick-thinking Vega cast a magical slick of oil across one of the newly opened caverns and toppled the ankheg and troglodyte atop him. Meanwhile another Ankheg had the misfortune of emerging next to Kel-Ja, whose hammer was matched only by his resolve to smash. He smote the incoming predator with a crack that cast thunder throughout the cavern, and the might of his blow and the divine concussion of the force collapsed the cavern on the poor creatures; a terrible fate for which Dawn felt no pity. 
For even as thunder rang through the halls, Para, DOᗺO, and Dawn faced a third monstrous pair. Dawn bypassed the Ankheg's mindless rampage to strike at the hideous evil atop. Shouting various curses and divine axioms, which were all quite clever and fully thought out, Dawn struck the Troglodyte across it's skull, stunning rider and mount alike. Para released the power of her heritage in a breath of pure cold which chilled the beastly mount more than even the void of the Underdarkness. DOᗺO added to the symphony of evil-destroying attacks with a splash of acid, which cause the mounted troglodyte to writhe, but slid off of the Ankheg like a splash from a refreshing stream.
The toppled Ankheg rose and slid across the oil to face down the cavern and shot its own volley of acid at the clustered group of Para, Dawn, and DOᗺO. The rider fling himself from the oil and bit down on the arm of Kel-Ja, who winced at the inconvenience of having such a putrid cuff as the rotting mouth of a scavenger. Several more troglodytes attempted to follow through the slicked cavern but each toppled on both the oil and their hasty lust for blood. Calling forth the fire from within her, Vega manifested a bonfire on the edges of the slicked cavern, which quickly ignited and engulfed the fallen troglodytes and the Acid spitting Ankheg. Meanwhile, the hammer of Kel-Jaw to the shortest route to the ground, which also happened to be through the skull the Troglodyte he had shaken loose from his arm. 
The last of the Ankhegs were beaten back while the flaming troglodytes retreated through their collapsing cavers. Dawn relieved the acidic burns of her allies and shouted curses to the cowardly evil lost in the rubble.
Having fended off the less desirable denizens of the Underdark, the adventurers moved down the tunnel to find an opening into the Myconid village guarded by a single warrior. When the party approaches, spores fill the cavern and they begin to receive mental impressions and images coming from the silent sentinel before them. DuMarc's warning that these beings lack language manifest in their minds and the importance of the documents they were sent to retrieve become all the more apparent. They sense the warriors peaceful intentions, but also a dark underlying fear. One which he suppresses and the party begins to communicate through their clumsy psychic connection. They learn, through flashes and feelings, that the representative they followed here was injured and rescued by this warrior, that he has no knowledge of the documents they seek but can lead them to his Sovereign to seek council.

The Myconid village is an unassuming, but quaintly beautiful collection of organic plant platforms and hybrid organic-inorganic structures. The cavern is vast, stretching up and down in a cylindrical hollow, topped by a large yellow stone with a slight glow that tracks the movement of the sun on the surface. The residents lead a quiet existence, but are skeptical of the outsiders and keep to themselves. The sovereign is in a large hall around the mid-level where the party entered. It resembles the guide in colour and markings, and bears the same imposing eyes and a much larger frame. Quick discourse between the two fungal beings, relayed to the party by their guide, reveals that the documents are stored away, and a council of Sovereigns will convene to decide if they will be revealed. 

The guide brings them to some comfortable quarters, provides shelter and food; but before they can comfortably rest he returns in the same state of fear and distress he could not keep suppressed earlier. He indicates through his mind language of feelings and flashes of images that he needs help. Dawn is the first to take up, while Vega inquires about the documents the group came looking for and the Bureau representative. The guide indicates that the agent was injured by the very threat he seeks help vanquishing, but that he holds no power over the documents, though he does seem willing to assist them where he can… good enough for everyone, they decide to help him
He leads them further down in the cavern and to a path going back into the stone walls of the city. The opening and smaller and more ornate, surrounded by glyphs. It is dark and smells of rancid vegetation and decay. The guide is wary to enter, so Dawn lights her shield and leads the way, followed closely by the mountainous Kel-Jaw. 
The light reveals quickly that the smell of rotting vegetation is actually stemming from… the thick layer of rotting vegetation that covers the ground in the tight circular room. The party enters, hanging back by the entrance, but as Dawn proceeds forward the rotting vines lurch and manifest in a monstrous mouthed heap. The heroes strike at it with vigour, grasping it with cold necrotic hands, pelting it with magic missiles, and watching as lighting runs futile off of its mulchy exterior. Fire seems to yeild little but steam. The creature pounds on Kel-Ja with great force and attempts to bring him into its thick gullet, but he breaks free. Docile mushrooms from around the room suddenly erupt in a sea of tentacle like appendages, slapping at the warriors. They are slashed and shielded as another Shambling Mound rises from the undergrowth. Para strikes at the first beast with her rapier, which may have missed its mark but for the sharp eyes of a weasel atop her shoulder that helped guide her hand. The first beast is removed from half its bulk by continuous onslaught, and Dawn cries out for the assistance of her Deity. Angelic spirits rush into the cavern, swirling around the confined battleground like flowing beacons of hope, ripping into the musty fungus and dilapidated vines that would serve as agents of death and evil. The mages had flung their last tricks as the second beast of vines continuously slammed at the party with its ever-hungering mass. Near death, the bloodied Kel-Ja summoned all of his strength in a final charge, calling on all of his divine might to bring down his hammer, time and again. The cavern filled with the squelch of his wrath and insurmountable will to "hit shit." If ancient compost had nightmares, those nightmares were comprised of Kel-Ja and his hammer of squelching rage.
Bloodied and spent, the party accompany a relieved and grateful guide back to the quiet, unassuming hut for some well deserved rest. What can be gained from their plight? How will they fare at the council of Sovereigns? What has become of their predecessor from the Bureau? Only the morning will tell, and so they let the night pass.

Heist: Obtain Lamp

Perra, Tetyana and Reaper saw a writ posted in the Thieves' Guild requesting to obtain a lamp from a duke near Nubison. They inquired with Taskmaster Hu and learned that Duke Hilroy was the last known person to have the urn.

They took a carriage to Nubison, asked around town where they could find Hilroy's estate and scoped the place out during the day, waiting til nightfall to enter.

Reaper, turning himself to a gaseous form ascended to investigate the third floor while Tetyana dropped down the chimney to the 2nd floor, Perra waiting to jump in to aid Tetyana.

Tetyana alerted a human and an elf man who were relaxing on the second floor. The men leaped to attack. Perra grabbed the Ornate Wooden Lamp and sprung into battle. They fought and Tetyana was badly wounded but managed to jump out of the window with the Black & Red Striped Lamp while Perra escaped out another window with the Putrid Lamp.

During this, Reaper found the Golden Nymph Lamp in the bedroom and, after intimidating Duke Hilroy to open the door, was able to get the Total Darkness Lamp and escape.

They evaded guards in Nubison and made it back to Vraland safety.

Titles Obtained:

  • Tetyana Chimneysneak
  • Perra Windowdiver
  • Reaper Slowfloat
Prison Crashers pt. II
Police Bureau Intro Quest pt 2


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After a wary night in SlateBasin Prison, Tanendil and Tetyana see their companions being escorted from solitary. Tak, Fearen, and Cocoanan are roughly tossed back into general population, suffering light jabs from the guards which are, like most things the guards do, half-hearted. Tak moves himself to the back of the yard, facing in with his own back to the cliff and the water. Pensive and still, he watches every move before him. While Tetyana and Tanendil discuss how they should proceed, Cocoanan thinks only of food (and somewhat less so fucking and fighting). Fearen, however, moves off to find Devrack and continue their discussion. He is wary to trust, but something tells him that halfling could be useful.

Devrack is posted near the elves, a group Faeren is already wary of. Fearen’s first inquiry is about the magical suppression that saturates the very air around the prison. “I’d love to help,” Devrack begins, “but my back is kiling me, my neck too. I can’t handle another night on the rocks that pass for bunks on the south Wall. Since you guys don’t look like the back-rubbing kind, why don’t you ‘convince’ one of these other bozos that it’s in their best interest to give up their little piece of paradise. I get a better bunk, you get a crash course in SlateBasin’s anti-magic infrastructure. Get me?” Knowing the difficulty that even walking the yard can cause, Faren reasons with Devrack, eventually convincing him that a whole bunk may not be necessary if he can get a pillow or blanket to make his rests more comfortable. With this deal in mind, Faren heads back to consult with the group.

Tetyana is unshakably distrustful of the halfling. She protests, but with little effect. Tanendil hears of the deal and wanders off, meanwhile, the others notice a strange man sitting in their little group. A slender, unkempt man with a hideous growth or abrasion on his face, sitting in the dirt and drawing symbols in the sand. His demeanor was so calm, and presence so unassuming, no one had noticed him, although it can be assumed he had been there since their release from solitary. His name, he explains, is Galafrink, but you may call him ‘Professor’. No one seems to protest, he has probably heard too much already.

Tanendil returns with a damp and odorous blanket. It seems the elves are willing to converse with him, while his demeanor keeps him protected from aggressive action (no one feels tough beating an old man, except that bar owner from the last session). He has secured himself a bunk, albeit one upon which guards frequently urinate from the tower. In any case, the blanket is acquired. Fearen Returns to Devrack, who tells him that the anti-magic field is housed in an indiscriminate hut outside the prison yard gate. He also mentions that food will be brought in around midday, and that he has more information to offer if Fearen can secure him some better food than the scraps usually left behind after the other groups have taken their fill. Fearen returns to relay his newly gleaned information and finds that Tanendil has retired for a nap in his newly acquired bunk. Fearen also outlines Devrack’s latest offer; Tetyana still has her doubts, and Cocoanan is still hungry.

Meanwhile Tak returns from his position and reports that he has a pretty good understanding of the guard rotation. He surveys the group and spots the Professor. “Realy? This is what we’re doing now?” He gestures to the mysterious man who looks up nonchalantly. Despite his best efforts, Tak dry heaves upon seeing the unpleasant visage of the newcomer, who seems quite comfortable in his new group of allies. “I get that reaction quite a bit,” he offers, seeming genuinely unoffended. With no real choice but to just accept it, Tak takes the new food delivery information and, with Tetyana’s help, begins to cobble together a plan for a daring lunchtime escape. It would require access to the main gate, a solid opportunity, and a full scale riot. Quickly they begin delegating tasks: Coco needs to start an uprising, Tetyana needs to sneak around and take care of the guards, Tak is to survey the yard and lead the actual escape. It all seems so simple, until Devrack comes back.

“What are you morons planning? It’s so obvious you sitting out in the open like some plotting villain from a bad play. Listen, I got a good thing going here, and if you fuck it up, I’ll make sure you get the worst of it; undertsand?” Devrack seems more concerned than threatening. He continues, “What, are you planning some riot? Get out at lunchtime? You really are morons. They double the guard, you aren’t the first brash adventurer to try to get out of here. You don’t even know what lunchtimes look like freshblood.”

“I mean, he’s got a point.” Faeren mutters. As if on queue, the lunchtime activity starts outside the gate. Large planks of food are loaded in the guard towers and lowered into the corners of the yard. No open gate, no access, no escape. Devrack smugly looks on. “If you want out,” he says, “we’re going to have to be a little more clever.” The collection of food was surprisingly civil, and once Devrack got eating he got talking. Combined with Tak’s observation of guard rotation, the party discovers that perhaps first light is the much better time for escape, as the gate will actually be unlocked for the duration the prison’s resupply. During the course of their planning, Tanendil recalls that the name of the prison is actually the name of a Family of elves from Tison who have a history of opposing the centralized governing bodies of Reigh Proper and attempting to set up a new capital. Their family has adapted over the years, changing their name to Elderwilde-Slate, whose insignia matches the symbol on the guard’s uniforms. Knowing that the guards are going to be well supplied, Devrack and the party acknowledge that they will need to be better equipped themselves. Devrack can get one party member out of the main gate briefly. That night, he bribes one of the guards to distract his partner, leaving the gate unattended. He slips Faeren a key and they send him to the nearby armoury, where he manages to grab and carry three short swords and Cocoanan’s mace. The next morning, at daylight, they ready their arms secretly and plant themselves by the yard gate, which is always unlocked during this time. Only two guards stand at the gate, distracted by the movement of the incoming shipment.

Cocoanan, Faeren, and Devrack attempt to quickly lift the gate. Instead, it gets about halfway up before jamming. Quickly Tak and the Professor slide under, followed by Tetyana. They easily strike down the two guards while Tanendil casually strolls into the courtyard. The Professor races towards the source of the anti-magic field and, finding the hut unguarded and unlocked, rushes inside to find a simple crystal the size of a fist hovering above an arcane pedestal. He throws his robe over top of the sinister jewel and deftly drops kicks it. While the crystal slides harmlessly to the ground, he lands quite harshly himself; luckily he is immediately invigorated with a sense of vitality flowing through him again. The weight of magic suppression is lifted.

In the courtyard, the entire party feels the effects of the field dissipating. Tanendil casually summons an icy hand to drain the life from the guard in a nearby tower. Meanwhile, Cocoanan, Tak, Fearin, and Tetyana begin cleaving their way through the guards between them and the main gate. Cocoanan severs limbs and tosses guards aside like ragdolls while his allies work strategically toward freedom. The Professor, however, takes his time. He holds the crystal in his hand, testing for weight, and with a few utterances launches it at searing speeds toward a nearby guard, splitting his skull and leaving him bleeding in the dirt. Beams shoot forth from his hands, frying two more nearby guards and they run toward the escapees. He strolls out of the courtyard in full control and with a smile on his face.

As Tetyana breaks into the darkness, she can see only the expanse of the plains before her. She begins to sprint towards the horizon where the first sparks of the sun are beginning to crest. Behind her, Tak breaks from the gate, but he hears some horses in the darkness to the his left. He moves to them, and quickly assesses that they are sturdy beasts used to being ridden and handled. He leads the pack toward the gate where Faerin, Cocoanan, the pair of wizards and Devrack await. They ride out after Tetyana, who grabs hold of Tak’s hand as he rides by and swings up atop the vacant horse beside him. Behind the escaping group a battalion of guards has started a full pursuit. They, too, are riding seasoned mounts and making good time for catching the wayward escapees, but as the sun peaks before them, the ground begins to shake and a silhouette appears in the horizon. There, atop carts and accompanied by a battalion of their own, is Algaareth and VadYeth, true to their word and charging in force to rescue their missing conscripts. As the adventurers meet the Bureau’s force they turn reverse their charge to ride against their would be captors. The wind whips past and the grass trembles as the two groups collide… To be continued.

Prison Crashers pt. I
Police Bureau Intro Quest

Tetyana, Cocoanan, Tak, and Faeren all recieve summons to the Police Bureau, where they meet Tanendil who has been called on by reference from the young monk, Yaru. They proceed into the massive headquarters of the Bureau in Reigh Proper where, after a series of redirects and ambiguous instructions, they meet DuMarc, head of recruitment for the Bureau.
DuMarc explains that a non-sanctioned prison has been established in East Tison, near some fishing villages outside of Quario. The adventurers are tasked with commiting a crime to gain admittance into the prison in order to ascertain how and why the institution operates, a mission which is below the standing of the Bureau's many agents.
The adventurers meet Algaareth, a Minotaur Cleric and captain of the Bureau, who explains the details, arranges compensation, and ensures they receive a sigil on their forearm which will 'help enforce Bureau policy'. Despite reservations from some, the party agrees to terms and after a night of drinking, they depart on the quest.
Algaareth leads the party as far as the Tison border, where they are met by that regions captain, an Elvish Ranger named VadYeth. She leads them to a campground just outside one of the rare wooded areas in Tison. That night, several adventurer's are lured into the woods by Fey magic and experience dream like events involving Dryads and Fey illusions. The next day they proceed to a fishing town by the coast, and instigate a bar brawl where eventually they are all arrested. (Tanendil is particularly insulting to several people.)
The party is brought to a prison yard where they meet a Halfling named Devrack and several distasteful racial gangs. Despite Devrack's warning, they cannot avoid an altercation resulting in Tak, Cocoanan, and Faeren being tossed into solitary cells. While their initial charge would keep them only overnight, it seems their stay will likely last a good stretch longer if they cannot do something to shorten it themselves. Meanwhile Tetyana and Tanendil are left to wait out the night.
Still unsure as to the prison's origin or purpose, the party waits to be reunited and figure out their priorities; is the mission still their concern, or is escape the only thing that matters?

Merchant Trade Association, School of Wizardry

As the adventurers drag the cargo from the cave, they are stopped by 3 soldiers. Their leader insists the adventurers hand over the cargo, that he must have the information contained within so that he can get revenge on the kingdom that killed his battalion. The adventurers cannot comply, thus a battle ensues.

Two bandits attack them from the rear. The adventurers easily dispatch the bandits and eventually wear down the three soldiers. Their captain, with an arrow lodged in his neck nears death but Yaru stabilizes him. The three soldiers are bound and taken back to the caravan.

Yaru gives up his pay to take a wagon with the soldiers to the Police Bureau. The rest of the adventurers finish the job and head back to Lord Reggie's for their reward.


  1. Brin
  2. Aleem
  3. Dobo
  4. Reaper

A carrier pigeon delivers a tiny note, too small to read, though a water droplet painted on the rear. When water touches it, the scroll comes to life, inviting them to the School of Wizardry and showing them the way.

They are greated in the courtyard by the high elf Filengar who tells them that they must perform a task for the School of Wizardry if they wish to get further writs.

A nearby village is being harassed by unexplainable cyclones. The adventures go through a portal into the town and begin investigating. A commotion from a nearby pond finds the adventurer's face to face with a cyclone. Dobo attacks it with a fireball. Realizing too late that the cyclone has sentience, it rushes towards Dobo and throws him around, nearly killing him. Aleem heals Dobo as Brin realizes many attacks do little or no damage. Reaper is able to push the cyclone back enough that the adventurers can escape. While doing so, he realizes that there is a gem at the heart of the cyclone.

The adventurers report this to Filengar, who's curiosity has been peaked. He summons a portal for their return and grants them rewards for this information.

Merchant Trade Association

The adventurers are summoned by public writ to the estate of Lord Reggie. After being treated to a fantastic meal, Lord Reggie addresses the adventurers and soon summons Lord Farkus to go into detail on their quest. A very importany shipment must be made and the Merchant's Guild requires the assistance of competent guards to protect the caravan. The next day, the adventurers set out, with Lord Farkus accompanying them. Despite many attempts to learn what is contained within the cargo, Farkus reveals no detail, except that if the item fell into the wrong hands, a great war could begin. The find a tattered cart at the side of the road. The two disheveled people with the cart explain that they are the only two who survived a bandit attack not far from their position. The adventurers make camp and, unaffected through the beyond seeing flickering lights in the distance throughout the night, wake up and begin again. Less and less carts are on the road now. Eventually they notice they have not passed another cart for over an hour. Soon after, they see a smug man standing in the road. He tells the party that they are being robbed and arrows are loosed from the bushes. The party springs into action. The bandit leader falls but with the last of his strength he calls to his comrades and a blinding light stuns the party. The loot is taken. The party rests and heals as best as they can and finally convince Farkus to tell them the cargo's contents: documents detailing the exchanges between two kingdoms and a sword belonging to ine of their princes. As the sun sets they track the bandits into the woods. Happening upon a guarded cave, they distract the guards and find a back entrance to the cave. They soon find a room where four guards sit around a table, their cargo close by. 2 of the guards are tricked out of the room by an illusion but two remain. Brin and Cade loose an arrow into each of the remaining guards. They die quietly and immediately. The adventurers grab the loot and begin to make their way to the exit.

To be continued…

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