Faeren "Silvertongue" Amakiir


Half-Elf, Bard, Urchin, Lawful Chaotic LVL: 5

STR: 11
DEX: 16
CON: 13
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHA: 18

Max HP: 33, Hit Dice 5d8

Skills, Traits & Abilities
-Darkvision -Fey Ancestry
-City Streets -Expertise (Deception/Persuasion)
-Bardic Inspiration -Song of Rest
-Font of Inspiration -College of Lore
-Cuttings Words -Jack of All Trades


-Arcane Focus
-Entertainers Pack
-Fiddle, Lute & Horn
-Small Knife
-Xbow Case
-20 Xbow Bolts
-Silver Skull, Coin Sized

-Vicious Mockery -Mage Hand
-Minor Illusion

-Bane -Dissonant Whispers
-Identify -Detect Magic
-Cure Wounds

-Heat Metal -Hold Person

-Hypnotic Pattern

-Language: Orc, Common, Elvish
-Simple Weapons, Hand Xbow, Long/Short Sword, Rapier
-Disguise Kit
-Thieves Tools

Money 113gp


Faeren grew up poor in the streets of Tison in the city’s orphanage. With barely enough food and clothes almost rotting of their bodies, it was a dismal way of life. Early on in life, Faeren and other orphans would work in group to steal food or rob easy marks just to try to make their lives a little bit easier. He always envied the rich of the city, seeing their lives as being carefree and luxurious.
Faeren’s wit was quick and his singing voice was well enough to earn him some coin in the streets, enough that he thought to try to join the Bard’s College thinking he could live a wealthy life entertaining. After joining he quickly learned such riches were few and far between and began to fall back into old habits picked up in his childhood. With his training as a Bard and the skills learned in his youth he discovered he’s much happier stealing and conning the rich that being rich.

Faeren "Silvertongue" Amakiir

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