Adventurer's Guild
Guild Head: Brittany
    God: N/A
    Location: Everywhere
    Symbol: a coin purse, a dagger and a boot
    Description: So you want to be a hero? All adventurers need to start somewhere and this is just the place to do it. There are guild halls in every major city across Reigh. Each guild hall provides budding adventurers with access to a merchant, lodging, and a Bounty Board.
    Bounties: All varieties.


Police Bureau
Guild Head: Aaron
    God: Tyr
    Location: Everywhere
    Description: Crime and punishment. The Police Bureau of Reigh is a mighty force but even they sometimes seek assistance from beyond their ranks.
    Bounties: Apprehend criminals, retreive stolen items, solve murders, stand trial, escort dignitaries


Merchant Trade Association
Guild Head: Bob
    God: Tymora
    Location: Everywhere
    Description: We've got what you need! The Merchant Trade Association travels across Reigh and beyond in search of the finest, exotic items.
    Bounties: Obtain rare items, retrieve information


Prize Game League
    God: Silvanus
    Location: Lipront, Banbu
    Description: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Go to the Prize Game League if you want to boast about the beast you beat, or mount your monster trophy in their guild halls.
    Bounties: Defeat monsters and return with their trophy.


School of Wizardy
Guild Head: Graham
    God: Mystra
    Location: Grolis, Sria
    Description: What spell is it anyways? An odd place to visit with nearly infinite knowledge to be found.
    Bounties: Obtain rare ingredients and tomes, foil sinister plots, defeat mighty mages, escort mage


Bards College
    God: Oghma
    Location: Lepstin, Tison
    Description: What is life without music? All up-and-coming musicians strive to be accepted into the Bards College. Here you will learn how to charm those around you through song. The college often seeks assistance from adventurers.
    Bounties: Complete stories, create tall tales, find missing lyrics, escort apprentice musician


Thieves' Guild
Guild Head: Brittany
    Location: Vraland, Reigh Proper
    God: Mask
    Description: One man's treasure is about to be my treasure. The guildmaster receives a tip, and you're trusted with securing the item… discreetly.
    Bounties: Procure certain items or occasionally plant them.


Shadow Assassins
Guild Head: Bob
    God: Bhaal
    Location: Hance, Oyul
    Description: You want them to disappear? The Shadow Assassins specialize in removing certain people from this plane of existence.
    Bounties: Assassinate a target. Additional rewards for meeting criteria.


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